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Crafting Spaces, Enriching Lives.


See How promotes craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology system in spacial design. We belief that design is people-oriented; to redefine a space of happiness, we craft experience beyond functionality and aesthetics to express a message. To engage with the community, we integrate advanced technologies and sustainable materials in our projects. Our spirit is to stay updated with the latest trends to explore innovative technologies with artistic crafts.


Elaine Tang

MAFA CUHK | BA (Hons) in EID PolyU Design

Design Director

Elaine incorporates sustainable design into SEEHOW projects, exploring the boundaries and possibilities of materials, space utilization, aesthetics, and the human-society relationship. She has also participated in different joint exhibitions, to reveal the true portrayal of reality through different media for artistic creation.

Hoffman Ho

EMBA CUHK | BA (Hons) in EID PolyU Design

Creative Director





Benny Au

BA (Hons) in EID PolyU Design

Project Manager

Benny brings his artistic aesthetic in spatial design to monitor the construction activities progress according to project program with 16 years of design and management experience. He has the ability to solve any issue arise on-site immediately and independently if necessary under the best design quality.

Gillian Deng

BA (Hons) in IAD HKDI

Interior Designer

Gill assists in site co-ordinate with contractors and other related parties. She has a unique sensitive horizon and innovative thoughts, responsible for site supervision and coordination for beautification with spatial solution.

Jennie Hau


Assistant Interior Designer

Jennie assists to handle interior design projects, both design drawings, site supervision and project administration. She is responsable to prepare submission material including design drawings and material board.


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