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SEEHOW captures a modern aesthetic, featuring an open space design that embraces the principles of minimalism in this studio. It utilizes innovative design strategies to optimize space utilization, prioritizing functionality and efficiency. Every element is carefully selected to serve a purpose while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious and efficient living environment.


COMMERCIAL  |  OFFICE  |  WAN CHAI  |  460 SQ. FT.  |  2021


The open space studio embraces a modern aesthetic, skillfully curating purposeful elements that seamlessly align with minimalism. This approach fosters a harmonious and efficient living environment characterized by clean lines, a soothing color palette, well-utilized space, and deliberate lighting choices. The result is a space that exudes a sense of tranquility and functionality, inviting inhabitants to enjoy a serene and stylish living experience.


keywords: office | studio | open | modern | aesthetic | minimalism | harmonious | clean | tranquility | functionality

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