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SEEHOW involves the fusion of contemporary elements with nostalgic vintage charm in the project, aiming to achieve a strong contrast in visual effects. It creates the illusion of traversing through two distinct eras of time and space by adding artistic details to the space, ultimately completing the modern vintage experience.


This residential house project combines classic elements with a modern style. The zoning program is structured around lifestyle activities, without limitations of boundaries. The bar is a feature situated in the middle of the living and dining area, separating the public and private areas as needed.

To extend the spacial vision, the design utilizes a double-height ceiling, enabling the flow of sunlight throughout the living area, creating a seamless connection to the outdoor garden. The incorporation of natural stone materials further enhances this connection and contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Vintage is more than just a style; it is a memory. To craft a memorable space, it must embody the spirit of a particular lifestyle. The essence of freedom serves as a connection of our modern life.

Besides the double height of the living area, the ceiling height in other areas is not particularly high. To overcome the limitations presented by the ceiling level, it is recommended to incorporate bright and light colors in the project, rather than universally. The Mr and Mrs walk-in-closet exhibit different styles, and in the case of the darker style, maintaining consistent artificial lighting is crucial.

Creation knows no limitations; it surpasses time and space. The project reveals a seamless design that harmoniously blends modern and vintage styles. To craft a memorable space, the aim is to capture the essence of modern lifestyle while incorporating classic details. Bold trimming and decorative moulding traverse the space, enhancing the overall harmony of the house.

keywords: house | modern | contempory | vintage | classic | lifestyle | seamless | aesthetic | memorable | spirt | freedom

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